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We are building an ecosystem through which tenants and property operators in India can easily connect with each other,
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Our journey was started by Abdussamad Ashraf in February 2021 in Kota, a city of Rajasthan.With a dream that no one else should face the problems he faced in hostels/PGs.

We started our journey by launching India’s cheapest and full facilities hostel in New Rajiv Gandhi Nagar,kota.Where we used to provide rooms to tenants with 3 times food and all amenities for just Rs 5000,

Then we expanded it and opened our first hostel in South Ex, Delhi, where we provided hostel to the tenants for just Rs 7000, that too with 3 meals and all facilities,

And we started running 12 properties in Kota and Delhi, but we realized that we would not be able to help the tenants of the entire country, that is why we started a new journey by naming ShabanamStays as LinkPG.


As we visited several cities across the country, we learned that we were not alone in working on an affordable and convenient model; Many other people are doing the same; Simply the tenants are not able to reach them, the only
reason why the tenants are not able to contact them is that they fall into the trap of brokers and choose an expensive and substandard property by paying huge Brokerage.
And we saw that the property owners are still operating the property in the old way (which has been going on since the time of Baba Adam), that is why we thought of building a platform for the property operators, which platform will gradually become available to the property owners. Will solve all the problems and make them profitable and advanced, And all kinds of problems of the tenants should also be solved, with the help of our platform the tenants can easily find a good property and can live in the property comfortably with the help of our technology.

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